Close a Competition File

Ensure you have completed all prior steps for recruitment before proceeding.

Information management and records retention is important throughout the recruitment process. The competition file provides a snapshot of the recruitment process and may be used as a resource for immigration purposes, to defend a selection decision and/or for future recruiting.


1. Store, destroy or transfer records appropriately

Records pertaining to the search and selection process are considered confidential. In order to maintain their confidentiality, these records should be stored, destroyed or transferred according to an approved records retention schedule:

  • Interview documentation and official interview notes on candidate selection must be saved for one year as per records retention policy.
  • All recruitment files involving foreign nationals must be retained for a minimum of six years.
  • Records for tenure-track academic foreign worker positions must be retained permanently.
Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, an applicant may request access to the recruitment file. In such cases, the applicant may be granted access to their personal information.
2. Include all relevant documents in the competition file

The initiator or hiring manager, with support from the HR Service Partner, is responsible for managing the competition file and associated documents (paper and/or electronic) which should include:

  • Job posting and external advertisements (if applicable).
  • List of all applicants and their resumes.
  • Short-listing criteria and a copy of the interview schedule.
  • Interview plan and job related exercise (if applicable).
  • Interview notes compiled by the designated note taker (other notes are not required and should be shredded or deleted).
  • Evaluation factors including selection criteria; rationale for selection decision, the results of the evaluation.
  • Signed Consent for Collection and Verification of Information form (reference authorization) and list of references.
  • Final reference reports completed by phone template or through digital reference tools.
Hiring a Foreign National?

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