Steps for Recruitment

Hiring gates include consultation with your HR Partner and Finance Partner, and the College Dean/Vice-Provost for tenured positions. The hiring gates will ensure the integrity of the centralized model, create sustained savings for the institution and build stronger collaborative teams that support the entire community.

Recruiting and hiring the right faculty and staff is a crucial element to the success of the University of Alberta's vision of learning, discovery and citizenship. Bringing on a new team member? Here are the steps to follow.

Recruitment steps may be completed by a hiring manager or their delegate for initiation.

Hiring a Foreign National?

If applications are open to foreign nationals, there are additional steps you must take. Learn more

Executive Search

Looking to target highly skilled or challenging-to-recruit candidates for leadership roles, such as College Dean and Vice-Provosts, Faculty Deans, Directors, Executive Directors, Associate Vice-Presidents, and Vice-Presidents? Learn more

Position Approval


Consult your partners

Your HR Partner and Finance Partner must be consulted before the hiring process begins to ensure all positions are aligned with the University of Alberta for Tomorrow model and the budget.

Attracting Applicants


Ideal candidate

Define your ideal candidate to attract and select candidates who positively contribute to your team and the university.


Talent pipeline

Build a talent pipeline by establishing a network and strategically nurturing a pool of candidates for current and future job openings.

Evaluation + Design


Design + evaluate position

Design a new position or evaluate an existing position if it hasn't been reviewed in the last five years. Skip this step if the position has been evaluated recently or does not require evaluation.

Job Posting Preparation + Request


Job posting

Write a job posting, review advertising options and submit a Job Posting Request Form.

Candidate Experience + evaluation


Candidate experience

Create a positive candidate experience to attract top talent and shape the university’s employer brand.


Review applications

Learn how to manage applications and organize other recruitment information.



Plan your interview, identify your interview panel/committee and meet with your candidates.

Choosing a Successful Candidate


Select candidate

Read about best practices and policies for selecting your new hire.


Make an offer

Present a verbal offer to the strongest candidate and generate an offer letter.

Hiring Wrap Up + Onboarding


Close recruitment folder

Once a candidate has been chosen and has signed their offer letter, close the recruitment folder with all required documentation.



Understand your responsibility in guiding new hires as they start their role.

Need Support?

Shared Services can provide recruitment support related to the following:

  • Job postings
  • Recruitment folder set-up
  • Initial screening
  • Immigration
  • Recall and duty to accommodate
  • Reference checks
  • Moving and relocation
  • Records management
  • Offer letters

If your faculty, department, or unit is a Recruitment Pilot participant, learn more  about how to access services for your hiring needs.

Your HR Partner  can provide support for interviews at the leadership level and any other questions throughout the steps for recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the hiring gates replace the hiring controls that were active during SET?

Yes, moving forward faculties and departments will resource in accordance with their approved budgets and in consultation with their HR Partner and Finance Partner, and the College Dean/Vice-Provost for tenured positions.

How do the hiring gates work for bulk recruitment?

It is expected that bulk recruitment will form part of the workforce planning and budget cycle at the start of the fiscal year. Once approved, consultation will only be required based on the employee type. For example, recruiting seasonal employees will not require consultation with the HR Partners, but faculties, units and departments may want to consult with their Finance Partner to verify funding.

My budget has been approved at the start of the fiscal year. Do I still need to consult with a Finance and HR Partner?

Yes, it is recommended you verify with both the Finance and HR Partners in case of any changes in budget allocation and expenditure during the year and also to ensure positions are model compliant.

In what circumstances do I need to consult with the College Dean/Vice-Provost?

When hiring for academic roles, particularly tenured positions, including tenure-track faculty, faculty service officers, and librarians, approval from the College Dean or Vice-Provost is required. This approval is part of an annual planning process involving Deans and other senior leaders, such as the Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, to address these positions. Please ensure to include an email of approval with your Job Posting Request form.

For Academic Medicine and Health Services Program (AMHSP) funded positions, Provost approval is not required. These positions only require the Dean's approval for faculty recruitments. Approval is obtained from the Recruitment Planning Priority Committee (RPPC), which is a committee of Deans responsible for approving all Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) faculty recruitments.

How do we confirm the HR and Finance Partners have reviewed our positions?

For now, an email confirming they have been consulted will be sufficient. We are working on amending the recruitment process and will include this in the process when completed.