Mission & Objectives


To encourage and assists students in their pursuit of a career in rural medicine.

Objectives and Services

  • Promote rural medicine to all University of Alberta medical students.
  • Inform students about training opportunities that pertain to rural medicine.
  • Outline the rural lifestyle, along with the advantages and disadvantages of working in a rural setting.
  • Act as a bridge between all medical students and rural administrations including:
    • University of Alberta Office of Rural & Regional Health
    • Alberta Medical Association Section of Rural Medicine
    • Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan,
    • Society of Rural Physicians of Canada and
    • Northern Alberta Development Council
  • Inform students of rural bursaries and awards.
  • Organize lunch-hour and after-school discussions on various subjects.
  • Help plan clinical Skills Days (collaboration with the RPAP) as a way to introduce students to various medical skills, including rural medicine.
  • Keep students informed about applicable rural programs and rural policies.
  • Produce an annual report showcasing that year's activities
    2007/2008 Annual RMIG Final Report