David Cook Award

David Cook

The David Cook award is presented annually to a faculty member (or a group of members) of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry who has successfully planned and implemented a significant curricular innovation. This award is open to all levels of GFT, clinical academic colleagues, and FSO faculty members of the Faculty, and may be seen as a part of the pathway to national or international recognition.

The criteria for this innovation will be:

  1. The need for the innovation has been clearly demonstrated and articulated, with clear goals.
  2. The innovation has been explicitly based upon educational evidence.
  3. The innovation has had a measured significant effect on student learning.
  4. The innovation has been evaluated with respect to the articulated goals and objectives.
  5. The innovation and its evaluation have been presented/published in a wider forum OR The innovation has been emulated or replicated in other settings.


Any member of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry may nominate another for the award. The award will typically be given in Spring, with a deadline for nominations of mid-December of the previous year.

The nomination must be accompanied by a narrative description of the work involved, summarizing the above points (no more than two pages). It should be accompanied by a CV of the nominee.


The nominations will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Faculty Learning Committee, and a winner recommended to the Dean. The Committee may choose to send the nomination(s) for external review. If a suitable candidate is not apparent, the award will not be made for that year.

The Award

The award may have monetary value, as determined by the Faculty. It is recommended that the Awardee be invited to a public presentation ceremony, in which they be asked to describe the innovation. The presentation may be arranged at the convenience of the award winner.


Nomination documents should be submitted to the attention of:

Jocelyn Plemel, Executive Assistant
Office of the Vice Dean, Education
2J2.00, WC Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre
Email: jplemel@ualberta.ca

Deadline: December 15, 2023