Dr. Richard Fedorak Memorial Award in Professionalism

 Dean Richard FedorakThe Richard Fedorak Memorial Award in Professionalism is awarded annually to a faculty clinician (a physician member of the academic staff, or a physician appointed as a clinical faculty member) who best exemplifies the attributes of the profession that physicians and learners aspire to emulate.


The award recipient will be regarded as outstanding in the areas of professionalism, clinical practice and medical education:

  • Exhibits high standards of personal and professional behaviour
  • Shows kindness, compassion, courtesy, humility, and respect for patients and other health professionals
  • Demonstrates collegiality as both an effective leader and collaborative member of the health-care team
  • Assumes responsibility for decisions and consequences
  • Possesses excellent scientific knowledge and applies this with a high level of competency
  • Is an advocate for enhancing the quality and accessibility of health care
  • Demonstrates social justice in the distribution of finite resources
  • Exhibits altruistic behavior in the course of serving others
  • Advocates on behalf of patients in all aspects of their life in recognition that the social determinants of health have a major impact on patient well-being and health

Nomination Process

MD program learners and physician members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry may submit nominations for this award. Faculty members will receive a call for nominations via email early in the new year, which will include the nomination form.

Nominations are to be submitted annually by the date indicated below.


Under guidance of the Faculty Awards Coordinator, with support from the Associate Dean Professionalism and the Associate Dean Undergraduate Medical Education, a selection committee made up of students and faculty will be struck to review nominations and select the winning nominee.

The Dr. Richard Fedorak Memorial Award recipient will be announced by a message from the Dean's office.

The Award

The Associate Dean, Professionalism will provide award recipients with a number of options for how the annual spending allocation may be utilized toward advancing professionalism within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Award recipients will select an option or provide an alternative for consideration.

Award recipients

  • 2020 - Francesco Mosaico
  • 2021 - Winnie Wong
  • 2022 - Scott North
  • 2023 - Mang Ma
  • 2024 - Penny Smyth


To nominate a colleague or a preceptor, complete this form.

Deadline: March 31, 2025