Contact Information

It can be challenging and difficult to know who to reach out to when you have been the recipient of unprofessional behaviour, mistreatment, discrimination etc. There are multiple avenues to go in dealing with professionalism concerns:

  • Do nothing and let it go
  • Approach the person
  • Approach a trusted faculty person, supervisor, course coordinator or colleague
  • Advocacy & Wellbeing Office
  • Office of Professionalism
  • Supervising Education Office (ie: UGME, PGME, Med Lab Sci, Graduate Studies, Dentistry, dental hygiene, radiation therapy)
  • Alberta Health Services (report to the AHS Clinical Lead for your specialty)
  • Governing Bodies (CPSA, AB Dentistry College, Dental Hygienists Assoc Alberta, Med Lab Technologists AB,
  • Radiation Technologists AB etc)

People tend to reach via different avenues depending on their comfort and preferences. The Reporter of professionalism concerns has multiple options available for support. We work together in promoting professional behaviours and interactions in our learning environments and workplaces.

Contact information for professionalism concerns and questions

Dr. Penny Smyth
Associate Dean, Professionalism
Phone: 780-248-1775

Dr. Smyth is available for any questions or concerns regarding Professionalism within the FoMD.

Contact information by Program

MD Program, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Darryl Rolfson
Associate Dean, MD Program
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
Phone: 780-492-9535

Brock Debenham
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
Phone: 780-492-9522

Postgraduate Medical Education

Dr. Lawrence Cheung
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
Phone: 780-492-9732

Dr. Cheung is the Associate Dean, PGME and oversees all matters that pertain to the safe and professional learning environment for post-graduate trainees.

Graduate Studies

Dr. Gregory Funk
Associate Dean Research, Graduate Programs
Phone: 780-492-8830

Dr. Funk oversees all graduate programs in the Faculty of Medicine and can help address all academic and professional concerns that any graduate students within the FoMD may have. He can also provide you with different resources depending on the type of issue. Students are also welcome to contact the appropriate Associate Dean at FGSR.

Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

Dr. Blaine Aucoin
Associate Chair, Student Affairs
Phone: (780) 492-9121

Dr. Sharon Compton
Associate Chair, Dental Hygiene
Professor & Graduate Program Director, MSc in Medical Sciences (Dental Hygiene)

Dr. Compton oversees all professionalism concerns, as they pertain to the dental hygiene students.

Dr. Gisele Gaudet-Amigo
Director, Student and Academic Services

Radiation Therapy

Ms. Susan Fawcett
Director, Radiation Therapy Program
Department of Oncology
Phone: 780-492-7975

Susan is the Director of the Radiation Therapy Program at the University of Alberta. In this role, she addresses the well-being and professionalism of all radiation therapy students.

Medical Laboratory Science

Dr. Karen Matejka
Contract Teaching Assistant Professor
Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Phone: 780-492-2503

Ms. Roberta Martindale
Program Coordinator
Associate Professor
Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Phone: 780-492-0990

Ms. Lisa Purdy
Director, Medical Lab Sciences
Associate Professor
Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Phone: 780-492-6511