Committees of the Office of Professionalism

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Professionalism Committee


  • Foster a safe and supportive environment that acknowledges that occasional lapses in Professionalism occur, and provide educational, scholarly, and collegial processes and support to mitigate and remediate these incidents. (education & scholarship)
  • Support a culture, within the faculty, that celebrates Professionalism as an integral part of education, research, and the practice of healthcare (accolades/awareness)
  • Create an understanding that our over-arching goal is that faculty use informal conflict resolution as the initial and primary tool to resolve issues that pertain to professionalism (incidents/lapses)
  • Provide an infrastructure that ensures consistent and just management of lapses (administration)
  • Promote the importance of professional health, work-life harmony, and peer monitoring as a key component to being a 'Healthy Professional' (self- and peer- health)
Terms of Reference - Professionalism Committee


FoMD Professionalism Triage Committee


  • To provide the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry with an infrastructure and support system to appropriately manage lapses in professionalism and celebrate accolades.
Terms of Reference - Professionalism Triage Committee