Approving a Travel or Expense Claim

Managers have three options when a travel or expense claim is submitted:
  • Approve - claimant is paid for the expenses; expenses are charged to the speed code/account indicated.
  • Deny - claimant is not paid; the claim cannot be modified or re-submitted. Deny is selected when expenses are ineligible for reimbursement.
  • Send Back - claim is returned back to the claimant to be corrected or modified and then re-submitted. Send Back is used when an incorrect speed code, account or dollar amount needs correction or if information (e.g. attachments, justification) needs to be added.

Approving through email

  1. Open the email in your inbox from “emailapproval” to review the expense line detail of a claim (expense type, description, dollar amount)
  2. Click on the Attachment “Expense_Report_Print.pdf” to view or download the printable claim including the speed code, project details, comments, non-reimbursable expenses and travel advance details
  3. Select the action you want to take:
    • To Approve or Deny a claim
      1. Select Approve or Deny in the drop down list in each applicable expense line
      2. Click Submit near the bottom of the email
      3. Click OK in the pop-up box indicating you are submitting information to an external page
    • To Send Back a claim for revision
      1. Click on the URL link to the Travel and Expenses Approval page (in PeopleSoft Financials)
      2. Follow the steps in the PeopleSoft method below, starting at step 5

Approving through PeopleSoft

  1. Sign in to PeopleSoft Financials with your CCID and password
  2. Click on Self-Service Center > Manage Approvals > Approve T&E Transactions
  3. All travel, expense, advance and PCard statement claims requiring your approval will appear in your list.
  4. Click on the Transaction ID (Claim ID) or Description link to open the claim
    Review the details of the claim.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view action buttons:
    • Click Approve if the travel claim is okay to pay
    • Click Send Back if the travel claim needs to be returned to the claimant for revision
    • Click Deny if the travel claim is not eligible and should not be paid.
      Note: If selecting Send Back or Deny, you will be prompted to enter comments, which will be recorded on the claim and emailed to the claimant.
  6. Click OK after reading the approval confirmation on the Submit Confirmation page.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be required to approve all travel and expense claims on my operating fund accounts?
No, only travel and expense claims greater than $5,000 will be sent to you for approval. Claims less than $5,000 will be reviewed and approved by Compliance Services, Shared Services.
Which Fund IDs are considered to be operating funds?
Operating funds are F100, F210, F310, F551, F552 and Exxxx.
Am I able to delegate approval of travel and expense claims to someone else?
Yes, the budget owner delegation function is still available in PeopleSoft, however, all financial transactions (credit card statements, travel and expense claims, travel advances and SupplyNet requisitions/invoices) will route to the delegate for the period of time requested.