How to Attach Receipts to a Travel, Expense or PER Claim

If you have taken a picture of a receipt, or received an electronic copy of a receipt from the supplier via email, save each receipt in PDF format to a folder on your computer. If you have paper copies of receipts, scan them together into a single PDF document and save to a folder on your computer.

Note: The original file name of Attachments is limited to 30 characters. If the file name is longer, you may need to rename prior to attaching to your claim.

  1. Click the Attachments (0) link
  2. Click the Add Attachment button
  3. Click the Browse… button to find the applicable file on your computer
  4. Navigate to where the scanned copies of the receipts are saved
  5. Select the applicable file
  6. Notice the file selected is displayed
  7. Click the Upload button to Attach the file
    By selecting the Upload button the file is now Attached to the expense report
  8. Enter information into the Description field.
    e.g. "October 2021 Receipts"  if attaching one single PDF document with all receipts. Or, if attaching one receipt per transaction, enter the supplier name or expense line number in the description.
    Note: Multiple receipts can be attached by clicking the Add Attachment button (Step 2 to 9) again
  9. Click the OK button
  10. Notice the number beside the Attachments link is now (1), indicating that an attachment has been uploaded