Preparing for Supportive Conversations

man talking to a woman

As a leader, there will be times where you have the opportunity to have a supportive conversation with a team member or colleague. Supportive conversations can occur on topics such as performance, absenteeism, mental health, illness, addictions, domestic violence and sexual violence to name only a few.

Planning and preparing for these conversations is crucial to having a successful outcome. Without the necessary preparation, a well-intentioned conversation may not have the desired outcome. Important considerations for these conversations include your relationship with the individual, available supports and services, policies, procedures and collective agreements.

It may also be advisable to speak with the Human Resources partner  or Faculty Relations officer for your area in advance of the conversation.

There are a number of resources that can support you in preparing for these conversations:

Workplace Advice Line

A consultation service provided through the Employee and Family Assistance Program

Supportive Conversation Library

A resource from Workplace Strategies for Mental Health.