Shipping, Receiving, Mail and Other Logistic Services

In the interests of efficiency and compliance with customs and other applicable regulations, Distribution Services within Supply Management Services (SMS) provides centralized services for the internal and external movement of goods and other items.

The information contained in this section summarizes Distribution Services' role and UAPPOL procedures regarding these services. For further information refer to the Distribution Services site.



Receiving and Delivery

  • track all incoming shipments
  • ensure customs and other regulations are followed
  • distribute shipments to units

Receiving and Distribution Procedure


  • assist faculties/units in selecting method of shipment
  • pick up packaged items for outbound shipment to domestic and international destinations
  • ensure customs and other regulations are followed

Shipping Procedure


  • deliver incoming mail and pick up outgoing mail (Canada Post)
  • pickup and delivery of interdepartmental mail

Mail Distribution Procedure


  • move office, lab and furniture between campus locations
  • arrange movement by contracted vendor where Distribution Operations cannot meet the unit's needs

Moving Services Procedure

Point to Point Delivery

  • provide on campus courier service

On-Campus Courier Service Procedure

Warehouse Services

  • rent storage space to university units
  • move goods in and out of storage
  • inventory control and freight management

Warehouse Services Procedure

Equipment Services

  • assist units in effective and efficient stewardship of equipment assets

Refer to Guide Ch 6: Equipment and Furnishing Assets

Surplus Services

  • coordinates sale, transfer and disposal of equipment, furnishings, vehicles and miscellaneous items

Refer to Guide Ch 6: Equipment and Furnishing Assets/Asset Disposal

Last Updated: November 2015