Professional Expense Reimbursement FAQs

How do I submit a PER claim?
You can complete your form and submit your claim by following the instructions on the How to Submit a PER Claim page. You can also learn how to view your PER Balance and Historical Transactions.

When submitting a claim, what is valid proof of payment?

  • An itemized cash receipt or invoice showing payment in full
  • A cancelled cheque or a copy of the financial institutions' statement with a copy of related invoice
  • A credit card statement and acknowledgement of purchase (e.g. copy of the online order, dues assessment notice, priced packing slip) will be accepted if the goods or services were purchased via the internet or phone and no original invoice was issued by the supplier

When submitting a claim, what is NOT acceptable as proof of payment?

  • Debit card receipts by themselves unless accompanied by an itemized cash register receipt or paid invoice
  • Credit card statements by themselves unless accompanied by an acknowledgement of purchase, internet/cell phone provider monthly statement, itemized cash register, dues assessment notice, online order acknowledgement and priced packing slip

I paid for an item in foreign currency, what documentation do I need to submit to receive reimbursement for exactly what was charged to my credit card?

  • An itemized cash receipt or invoice showing payment in full
  • A copy of the credit card statement showing exactly what was charged by the vendor in CAD funds

Do original documents have to be submitted?

Original documents do not have to be submitted, however receipts must be attached to the online PER expense report in order for the payment to be processed.

When making a PER claim for hosting related expenses what documentation is required?
Please attach a separate page which includes an attached list of guests in attendance, identification of external guests and the purpose of the hosted event. Please ensure a detailed meal receipt is submitted or reimbursement will not be made.

How long does the reimbursement process take?
PER claims will be paid within 2-3 weeks during non peak times. You will receive an email confirming the amount that was credited to the financial institution you have on file in Bear Tracks for payroll direct deposit.

When are PER funds allocated?
Funds are allocated every year on July 1. Funds must be allocated to your account before they can be claimed for reimbursement.

If I am only employed for part of a year am I eligible to claim the full allocation?
Each year on July 1, $1,400 is allocated to each eligible staff member for reimbursement of eligible expenses. If staff member is hired during the year, the allocation will be pro-rated based upon the number of calendar months employed by the University.

Eligible Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) or Temporary Administrative & Professional Staff (TAPS) with eight month contracts will be allocated $933.36 per year. These funds are allocated every year on October 1. Eligible expenses must be incurred within the dates of appointment. (e.g., Sept 1 - April 30). There are no carry forward provisions for remaining funds.

If I do not use my PER allocation, will the balance be carried forward?
Unused funds are carried forward for use in future years for all eligible staff members except as noted above.

What is the tax status of the PER program?
The PER program provides a non-taxable reimbursement of eligible expenses. As such, the program is strictly subject to the relevant provisions of the Income Tax Act and any interpretations made by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Eligible expenses must be incurred directly for the performance of the eligible individual's professional, teaching, research or administrative duties as an academic staff member of the University of Alberta. Any personal benefit derived by the staff member must be incidental - which is held to be a maximum of 10%. CRA has the right to audit the expenses reimbursed by the University and should a dispute arise, this will be a matter between the staff member and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

If my employment with the University of Alberta ends, can I take the items reimbursed via the PER program with me?
Goods purchased through PER are done so on behalf of the University of Alberta and therefore are university property. All University of Alberta property must be returned to the department head or supervisor prior to departure, including any equipment located on or off campus.

If a staff member wishes to retain any item, the department must obtain a market valuation from Supply Management Services (SMS) and make arrangements for repayment prior to departure from campus. Individual purchases shall be made in accordance with the Equipment Asset Disposal and Retirement Procedure . Direct Sale to Departing Staff and Gift to Departing Staff are the sections that refer to PER purchased equipment.

If my employment with the University of Alberta ends, how long do I have to submit my claim?
Claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred while an employee of the university must be submitted within one month of termination to be considered eligible for reimbursement. If your final claim is being made after your contract end date please contact the PER Administrator for instructions on how to submit a paper claim.

If I leave the University of Alberta, what happens to the funds in my account?
Upon termination of your employment, unused balances are forfeited to the benefit plans for future funding of benefit programs.

What if I am on a leave or reduced duties? Will I still be allocated funds?
PER funds will continue to be allocated on an individual basis during a partial leave period, equivalent to the time being worked. (e.g., If a staff member is working half time, the PER allocation will be based on half of the annual allocation). If a staff member is granted leave without pay, no funds will be allocated.

Individuals who have entered into a Phased Post-Retirement Agreement (e.g., they work either one-third time for 3 years or half time for 2 years) will obtain the following allocations for PER:

  • $938.00 annually for those working one-third of duties
  • $1400 (full annual allocation) for those working half time