Long Term Disability

Eligibility and coverage for the long term disability (LTD) benefit varies by staff group and appointment.

This benefit provides financial assistance in the event you are unable to work because of a prolonged injury or illness. You will be supported by the university’s Health Recovery and Return to Work team and our partner, Homewood Health.

  • Payments you receive from the LTD plan are taxable and subject to Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance premiums.
  • You may be eligible for payments from other sources and these amounts may reduce the amount of LTD benefit you receive.
  • While you are on LTD your other university benefit coverage continues. 
  • The LTD plan will also pay your required pension contribution to PSPP or UAPP. This amount is a taxable benefit.

Canada Pension Plan Disability Pension

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) provides a disability pension to eligible persons who become disabled as a result of sickness or accident. The maximum benefit payable changes from year to year. Detailed information and application forms are available from the Health Recovery and Return to Work team or by visiting the Service Canada website .

If you are approved for the CPP disability pension:

  • The amount is taken into account in determining the amount of your LTD benefit.
  • You will no longer be required to contribute CPP premiums.