Personal Tax Credit Return

All employment income is subject to an income tax deduction, which is deducted from your earnings. How much income tax is deducted from your pay is dependent on your personal situation. Based on your personal situation, there are tax exemptions that you can claim to reduce your income tax deduction amount immediately at source or, you may choose to wait to claim tax exemptions when you file your personal tax return each year.

The Personal Tax Credits Return forms are used to determine the amount of income tax deducted off your pay. You must complete both the Federal (TD1) and Provincial (TD1AB) forms and forward them to the Staff Service Centre in order to receive tax exemptions. If you do not complete these forms, your income tax deduction will be calculated based on the current basic personal exemptions as regulated by Canada Revenue Agency.

Please note that if you do not have any applicable exemptions, you do not need to complete these forms, and only when your personal situation changes do you need to complete new forms.

A few examples of why you would complete TD1 and TD1AB forms are:

  • You have more than one employer and will receive salary, wages, commissions, or any other remuneration.
  • You want to change exemption amounts you had previously claimed (for example, you are no longer eligible to claim the tuition amount, or your spouse returns to work).
  • You want to begin or change the amount of additional taxes withheld from your pay.

Submit completed forms to the Staff Service Centre. Once we receive your completed forms we will process your requested changes on the next available pay date.