Support Staff Recognition Award

In July of 2003, the University of Alberta launched an annual celebration to recognize outstanding members of its support staff and the extraordinary contribution they make to the University.

On behalf of the President and Vice-Presidents, we invite you to participate by nominating an individual who has demonstrated an energetic commitment towards the continued success of the U of A. The award is designed to not only recognize the excellence with which one carries out their day to day duties/activities but also numerous other ways one represents the university in a positive manner.

Nominees Eligibility

You can nominate employees from within or outside your own unit/department.

  • An active U of A staff member employed for 12 consecutive months on either a full time or part time basis.
  • Nominated by two University employees. The award is intended as peer recognition, as such managers can not be the primary nominator for his/her own staff member however are encouraged to support the nomination.
  • Meet the Fundamental Criteria for the award.

Award Categories

Awards are presented annually and are chosen from the following categories:

  1. Business/Administration/Finance/Clerical (maximum 2).
  2. Technical/Information Systems (maximum 1).
  3. Transport/Maintenance/Utilities/Trades (maximum 1).
  4. Health (Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy i.e. dental assistant, lab technologist) (maximum 1).

Review Process

The award is intended to recognize staff members who meet or exceed the criteria provided. While there may be nominations received in each of the categories, the review committee will only select those who have demonstrated that the individual nominated, meets or exceeds the criteria will be awarded annually.

Individuals can only be honoured with the Annual Support Staff Recognition Award once during their employment as support staff member at the University.

Once the nomination window closes, the review process will begin. Short-listed candidates may be contacted for an interview prior to the final selection of the committee.

Candidates will be formally recognized for their contributions in the fall at the Celebration of Service.

Fundamental Criteria

The information listed below provides an outline of the criteria for the award. The Selection Committee is looking to gain an understanding of who the nominee is through the nomination. Successful submissions will be chosen from those nominations that articulate how the nominee meets and exceeds the criteria through examples and personal stories.

Attach a summary of accomplishments such as a vitae or a letter of appreciation if applicable.

Being a good ambassador for the U of A

  • enjoys working at the U of A and speaks highly of the U of A as a good place to work.
  • takes pride in both their job responsibilities and their department/work unit.
  • enhances the image of the University through interactions with others.
  • volunteers/participates for Campus initiatives like the Institutional Strategic Planning Process, President's BBQ, Corporate Challenge, United Way, Student Orientation, etc.

Bringing the "best" of themselves to work on a regular basis throughout the year in performing his/her regular job duties consistent good performance in their regular job duties

  • exhibits good organizational and leadership skills.
  • is motivated and strives for excellence.
  • shows an interest in continually enhancing skills and quality of work.
  • accepts responsibility for their actions.

Contributing to a positive culture within the department/work unit

  • interacts with co-workers and customers in a positive, responsive and cheerful manner.
  • exhibits high levels of energy and commitment to department/work unit.
  • maintains a good sense of humour.

Important Factors

Other important factors that will be considered.

Exceptional service to clients

  • knowledgeable about job duties and the University.
  • presents information and executes job duties in a positive manner.
  • willing to go above and beyond regular work duties to assist clients (both internal and external).
  • minimizes delays and assures timely follow up.
  • excellent interpersonal relations.

Innovative and enthusiastic approach to work

  • addresses problematic situations and suggests creative ways resolve them.
  • consistently brings out the best in others.
  • enhances the operating efficiency of the department/work unit

Team work

  • assists new co-workers integrate into the work environment.
  • is willing to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others.
  • one from whom others seek guidance and advice.
  • contributes to a supportive and collaborative team.
  • always willing to lend a hand or assist co-workers with their workload.

Contributing to a healthy work environment/wellness

  • is a positive role model for others.
  • consistently recognizes others, either publicly or privately for their accomplishments and contributions.
  • treats others with dignity and respect.
  • champions sound ideas for positively impacting workplace wellness.
  • willing to listen and assist others with both personal and work related challenges.

Nomination Form