Request Employment Verification Letter

We provide employment verification letters to active employees who need to verify their employment income and prove they’re employed by the university. In some cases, other forms of financial documentation that can be used to satisfy financial confirmation requests are pay statements and annual tax slips which can be found on Bear Tracks, the Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment provided after you file your annual personal tax return, and offer letters.

Employment verification letters are not issued for individuals who have received a scholarship and/or fellowship, or to be used for previous employment references.

The following information is provided on each employment letter:

  • Position title, faculty or unit
  • Hours worked (full-time, part-time or hourly)
  • Start and end date (if applicable) of your appointment
  • Current compensation, which is stated in annual, semi-monthly, or hourly rate depending on the appointment type

Fill out the Request for Employment or Permanent Residency Letter and submit it to the Staff Service Centre. If you require a letter for a reason other than outlined above, please include the details in your submission. Please note: it may take up to five business days to process your request.



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