Resources for Safety Champions

A Safety Champion is not a position or job description but an individual who owns their safety performance and that of others. When working to improve organizational health and safety culture, Safety Champions have a key role in promoting, encouraging, rewarding, sharing and improving health and safety in their work areas and throughout the university. 

We encourage you to integrate safety into your daily work with the following resources: 

Safety Moments

All leaders and supervisors are expected to promote and communicate health and safety for their respective faculty, portfolio, unit or group. One active way to do this is to include safety moments at team meetings, town halls, committee meetings, and other meetings (such as daily meetings, weekly meetings, or project meetings).

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Safety definitions

The safety definitions resource contains a variety of acronyms, common workplace safety definitions from legislation or national standards, as well as university-specific terminology related to policy, the Culture of Care and other university documents so we're all using a common syntax when speaking about safety.

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Have you seen safety leadership, best practices, or a stand-out moment that deserves recognition? Tell us about it. We'll send them a note of thanks and may share general learnings with the university community with the consent of the individual. 

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Incidents and Lessons Learned

The incident and lessons learned initiative publishes effective and thorough incident reports that lead to learning and action. Sharing these findings and corrective actions allow others to learn from the incident, to consider the impact from a broader perspective and to take action to improve conditions to ensure the incident does not occur again.

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safety champion poster

We all have a role in making the university a safe place to study and work so we can all go home safely each day. Safety Champion posters have been designed as a reminder to the ways we can all contribute to a safe environment. Posters have been distributed through HSE Committees across our campuses. If you would like to add a Safety Champion poster to your area, you can request one through interoffice mail.

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Leadership commitment toolkit

As a senior leader at the University of Alberta, you committed to embrace safety as a core value through your signing of the Culture of Care Leadership Commitment. This toolkit will enable you to turn principles into meaningful action by leveraging the activities and resources associated with each of the commitment statements.

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Supervisor safety declaration toolkit

As a supervisor at the University of Alberta, you committed to embrace safety as a core value through your signing of the Supervisor Safety Declaration. This toolkit will enable you to turn expectations of that declaration into meaningful action by defining required activities and providing links to related resources.

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