Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (H2S)

Are you planning work at the University of Alberta where contact with H2S is possible?

  • Do a hazard assessment, (identification and control) of your working environment. 
  • Review the H2S Code of Practice outlining the requirements for the use of hydrogen sulfide at the University of Alberta.

Are you working off-campus on a research project in the vicinity where there is possible exposure to H2S?

  • Do a hazard assessment of your working environment and include it with your Field Activities Plan before you go to the field site.
  • If you are working on a particular lease site and collaborating with the company that is involved in the operations, follow their controls, training protocols to comply with access to the site.
  • Dependent upon your hazard assessment and level of risk identified, you may be required to take an H2S Awareness course or an H2S Alive Course. Both courses are offered by outside providers. Contact the Field Research Office for more information.