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Incident Lessons Learned: Ladder Near Miss

A Culture of Care requires following safety best practices and stopping unsafe actions.

Moving to a centralized chemical inventory and hazardous waste management system at the U of A

Incident Lessons Learned: Ethanol Fire

Have an emergency response plan when working with an open flame or flammable substance.

Incident Lessons Learned: Electrical Incidents

For work involving electrical systems, seek help from qualified professionals.

Incident Lessons Learned: Slip on Ice

This winter, prevent slips and falls due to icy conditions.

Incident Lessons Learned: Elevator Incidents

Several incidents involving elevators highlight the need to report malfunctioning equipment immediately.

Incident Lessons Learned: Verbal Harassment

Verbal harassment is harmful and can have long-lasting effects. Learn what you can do to intervene and offer meaningful support.

Incident Lessons Learned: Theft and Security

Secure your space to prevent property loss and to protect yourself and others in your workplace.

Incident Lessons Learned: Gas Line Fire

A lab technician was heating glass using a natural gas and oxygen fueled hand torch. A flashback occurred and the torch extinguished, but the oxygen supply line caught fire.

Incident Lessons Learned Needlestick Injury

Injury in the lab triggers review of sharps usage.

Incident Lessons Learned Contact with Poisonous Plant

Exposure to poisonous plant prompts improvements to hazard assessment.

Incident Lessons Learned Slip on Stairs

Reporting hazardous conditions helps to advance a Culture of Care.

HRHSE named Canadian HR Reporter 2023 Innovative HR Team

Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment has been recognized as a 2023 Innovative HR Team for A Culture of Care: University of Alberta’s Safety Action Plan.

Incident Lessons Learned Faulty Wash Bottle

After noticing a potentially hazardous equipment defect, an employee takes action.

Wild Animals and Zoonotic Pathogens

Animals may carry microbes that can cause disease in humans.

Changes to the OHS Code

Updates include changes related to first aid kits, working in confined spaces, and other work-related hazards.

February 28 is Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day

Repetition of common movements can cause long-term problems.

Field Research Info Sessions 2023

Registration is now open!

From Round-Up to Stand Down: Lessons Learned

This year, Health, Safety and Environment launched two major initiatives to boost health and safety across our campuses.

New resource for biocontainment level 2 labs

New guidelines aim to simplify federal requirements

Updates to the OHS Act

Who’s who at HSE: Sobia Ikram

Introducing Sobia Ikram, MPH student and intern with Health, Safety and Environment.

Use of radiation equipment and Class 3B and 4 lasers requires authorization

Donated laboratory equipment comes with regulatory and financial risks.

Who’s who at HSE: Luke Price

Meet Luke Price, the U of A's Hazardous Materials Advisor.

Working with regulated materials?

Report use and storage of federally regulated substances by Jan 28, 2022.

Get rid of your dangerous chemicals, safely

Working with high-hazard chemicals?

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