Safety Day

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The University of Alberta will host Safety Day on May 8. Safety Day is a new initiative as part of the Culture of Care: Safety Action Plan that provides faculty and staff an opportunity to participate in a university-wide conversation on safety. This one-day event will be facilitated by leaders and will contextualize the importance of safety within each respective work environment.

2024 Safety Day Overview


Safety Self-Assessment

Supervisors and principal investigators (PI) are encouraged to schedule 30 minutes with their direct reports between May 8-17 to conduct a guided Safety Self-Assessment. This dedicated time is an opportunity for faculty and staff across the university to speak about safety and for supervisors to emphasize the importance of proactive health and safety practices with their teams and groups.

Supervisors are asked to acknowledge completion of the Safety Self-Assessment through the following form by Friday, May 17, 2024.

Complete the Safety Self-Assessment form.

Scavenger Hunt for Safety

This activity is a fun and collaborative activity where a team works together to find safety-related items around their work area, whether that be a laboratory space, an office, or a workshop. Remember: safety includes psychological, cultural, and physical aspects.

Points will be awarded based on the number of questions answered successfully. Each point equals an entry into the final draw, of which three prizes are available. The winning group will be contacted through their submission email.

This activity is expected to take 10 to 30 minutes to complete.

Complete the Safety Scavenger Hunt form.

HSE Committee Tabling
Hosted by HSE Committee representatives, tabling activities will be occurring throughout the day. Check with your local HSE committee representative for details of activities happening in your area.


Safety and a Pastry

Health, Safety and Environment invites you to attend "Safety and a Pastry," a drop-in opportunity to discuss safety with HSE representatives. Chat about training, resources and the services we provide or discuss incidents and some lessons we've learned as an institution. 

Come with your questions, and leave with a donut.

Location: ETLC E6-064/68
Time: 12:30-1:30 p.m.

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