Equipment and Supplies

Lending equipment

Arrangements can be made to bring equipment such as laptops, desktops, computer screens, office chairs, etc., home under the following circumstances:

  • Review your team member's needs. Any equipment that is borrowed must be suitable for the environment it is being used. Under no circumstances should any lab equipment be borrowed that is not appropriate for a residential location.
  • Once approved, record the borrowed item(s) in your unit’s inventory tracking tool. If your unit does not have it’s own tracking tool in place, please use the Equipment Asset Loan Form.
  • Ensure that health and safety practices are followed in moving the equipment, such as proper lifting protocols, assessing and controlling hazards such as tripping, etc. You can always visit the Environment, Health & Safety website for advice and procedures. 
  • Keep information secure by reminding faculty and staff to follow IST’s recommended and required best practices and policies for remote work. 

Ensuring faculty and staff have the supplies they need

If supplies are required for working from home, the following process should be followed:

  • If the supplies are readily available at your place of work, arrange with your team member for an appropriate time to pick them up.  
  • Vendor agreements remain in place. All orders placed through Supply Net and P-Card require delivery to central receiving at the university. 
  • Distribution Services is providing regular delivery to campus locations. 
  • If supplies that aren’t currently available, place the order through your office contact and follow your normal procedure. The individual who purchased the supplies can advise you when the supplies will be available and delivered to the office. 
  • Any unused supplies or equipment must be returned to campus once the university returns to normal operations.