External Groups

There are several facilities on campus that cater to external groups wishing to book space for an alcohol event. They have the appropriate staff to assist with your event and to ensure that you have the correct license in place. They may have a license that allows them to serve the alcohol to your group, or they can help you with the procedure to suspend the university's institutional license and obtain your own Private Special Event License.

If you do not see the space you are using on the list below, please contact us to discuss licensing options.


Liability insurance is a mandatory requirement for all external groups holding an event in university space. The University of Alberta reserves the right to ask for proof that the renter has purchased a general liability insurance policy covering bodily injury (including death), property loss or damage, host liquor liability, and tenants legal liability insurance in the amount not less than two million dollars per occurrence. The policy must also name The Governors of the University of Alberta as additional insured.

Groups holding events at the University of Alberta often purchase their insurance through an independent insurance broker of their choosing or PAL Insurance Brokers (www.palcanada.com). For more information please contact Insurance and Risk Assessment.