Outdoor Events

The primary event organizer must have written approval from the University of Alberta before obtaining a Special Event License (SEL) to hold an outdoor event with alcohol on campus.

To have an outdoor alcohol event approved, University of Alberta groups must complete the appropriate application (staff groups complete the online application and registered student groups must complete the BearsDen event application) and a written proposal must be submitted to Insurance & Risk Assessment at least three months in advance of the event. The written proposal must include:

  • A site plan.
  • Permission in writing from Building and Grounds Services and/or the booking office in charge of the area.
  • Permission/authorization from the deans of the faculties, chairs of the departments, and/or Residence Coordinators of any residences that may be inconvenienced by noise or proximity to the event.
  • Evidence that the area will be physically separated (minimum 4' high barrier)from any public areas and will be adequately supervised (eg. proof of fence rental).
  • Evidence that any music will be directed away from buildings that are holding classes, and will be at an acceptable volume.
  • Evidence that adequate toilet facilities are in the direct area or that portable toilets will be provided at a ratio of one for every 100 people at the event.
  • Evidence that written notices have been delivered to the areas that could be inconvenienced by any noise.

If you also intend to advertise the event to the public or if you expect 300 or more people to attend, please be aware that there may be additional requirements for your event to be approved.