Large Events

For events of 300 or more people where alcohol is served, any reasonable number of University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) Special Constables may be required based on the size and nature of the event, history of past events, and the location, at the discretion of the Director of UAPS.

Any function that serves alcohol with more than 400 people is considered a high risk event. In addition to professional security, a separate alcohol insurance policy will be required. Policies can be procured through an independent insurance broker of the organizer's choosing or through Coverage should include general liability/host liquor liability as well as tenants legal liability insurance. For more information please contact Insurance & Risk Assessment.

For events on campus, including large events, organizers must provide at least one roaming monitor per 50 attendees (minimum of one monitor), plus entrance/exit monitors, who must remain stationary.

If organizers intend to advertise the event to the public or wish to hold this event outdoors, there may be additional requirements for the event to be approved.

To have a large event approved, University of Alberta groups must complete the appropriate application (staff groups complete the online application and registered student groups must complete the BearsDen event application). Insurance & Risk Assessment must also receive proof that UAPS constables have been engaged and proof of insurance, where applicable.