Time Entry + Leave Information

Hourly and support salaried employees of the University of Alberta can enter their own vacation, absences and exceptions using the timesheet in PeopleSoft HCM.


Support Salaried Employees

These employees receive a regular semi-monthly salary and complete exception time entry in PeopleSoft. Regular wage and working hours are based on your specific collective agreement. Hours worked beyond your regular working day will need to be entered in order to be paid for the exceptions (i.e. overtime, shift differential, etc.). Salaried employees also have ‘Leave’ time that needs to be accounted for. By entering your leave time, you are redistributing your regular work hours to the appropriate leave types (i.e. vacation, special leave, illness). Salaried employees are required to complete their time entry on a semi-monthly or monthly basis to be paid for these exceptions or leave hours.

Planned leave time beyond the current pay period can be entered into PeopleSoft up to 90 days in advance.

Hourly Employees

Hourly employees will complete either semi-monthly or monthly time entry in PeopleSoft. This time is referred to as ‘positive’ time. Hourly employees can enter regular hours worked, overtime hours worked, statutory holidays, special leave and illness leave. More information on how to enter your time can be found in this Desk Procedure . If you have resigned or transferred, you must enter your time and have it approved by your supervisor before your last day of work.

Consult with your supervisor regarding your internal time entry business process.

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