Time Entry Tool Kit for Hourly Employees

This tool kit has been designed for hourly employees and provides resources, tools and guidelines to support you with time entry.

Getting Started


This section provides a list of the different applications or tools available to you as an hourly employee, along with directions on how to use them.

Payable Time Statuses

This Quick Reference Guide provides a summary of the different payable time statuses you may encounter within Employee Self Service for Time and Labour.

Payable Time Statuses Quick Reference Guide

Time Reporting Codes

Provides a list of time reporting codes and when you would use them.

Time Reporting Codes for Salaried Employees

Forms + Documentation

Our document management system which contains all forms, templates and reference material related to Time and Labour.

Forms + Documentation for Human Resources


Provides direct links to important guidelines related to hourly employees which you should be aware of.

Overview by Employee Type

Employees are grouped based on employee class and have rules specific to handling time reporting. The following list provides some basic tips for each of the specified employee class.

Time Entry by Employee Type

There are different rules for reporting time based on your employee type. The following outlines the time entry rules for the specified employee type.

Overriding Chartfields

This document provides instructions on how to override Chartfields or Combination Codes allocated to an employee's hours when necessary.

Overriding Chartfield Time Entry

In accordance with the Alberta Employment Standards Code, employees working less than 3 consecutive hours are entitled to at least 3 hours' pay at the Alberta minimum wage rate.

3 Hour Employment Rule

All employees at the university observe general holidays. A list of these holidays and the policies related to holiday pay are available on Statutory Holidays and Closures.

The quick reference guides provided below provide additional information related to holiday pay for the specific employee types.

It's the responsibility of the department to ensure that Alberta Employment Standards and/or the terms of the Collective Agreements are followed to determine overtime.

The following list provides further details related to the specified employee types.

Hourly Time Entry

As an hourly employee, you must complete either a semi-monthly or a monthly timesheet to be paid for hours worked.

Hourly Time Entry
Correcting or Modifying Time

Time that has been previously entered and submitted, can be modified by the Employee, Supervisor and Time and Labour Services.

Correcting or Modifying Entered Time