Job Cards

A job card is a tool used to identify and describe common bundles of work that exist at the university. They are meant to provide quick, easy and concise documentation and evaluation while maintaining the integrity of our job evaluation system.

  1. Review the Job Cards in the HR forms and documentation management system for one that may already match your required position.
  2. Choose a job card
    • Specific job cards relate (precisely) to a particular job and are preallocated (have an assigned Grade or Hay Score). Download the card that matches your position.
    • Generic job cards are used as a base to create a position. Download the generic job card that most closely matches your required position and customize it to the specific job requirements.
  3. Inquire with your HR Service Partner  about who — in addition to the position supervisor — needs to provide approval and signature for the job card/job fact sheet/position description requiring evaluation.

Share your Feedback about a Job Card

If no job card is available, either because one does not exist or because you require a genuine “one-off” position, you’ll need to use a different template than a job card — either a  position description (MAPS and academic staff) or a job fact sheet (support staff). Evaluating unique positions will take longer.