General Liability

What is Covered

All costs (including defence costs) that the U of A is legally obligated or responsible to pay as damages/losses for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage to others (third parties) arising out of the ownership, use of all premises and/or operations, and activities of the U of A

Who is Covered

U of A directors, officers, employees, volunteers while acting on behalf of the U of A as well as U of A students while performing any duty or taking part in any activity which is considered as part of regular or supplemental studies connected with the U of A

What is not Covered

  • Fines and/or penalties
  • Employment practices
  • Nuclear activities
  • Intellectual Property
  • Wilful, intentional or malicious acts


An internal deductible may apply to a faculty, department or ancillary unit regardless of the amount of the claim. Whether or not a deductible amount applies will be determined based on the reason(s) for loss(es) and consideration of the loss(es) as preventable or non-preventable.