What is Covered

Covers all property of every description, owned, leased or occupied by the U of A and/or the U of A has assumed the responsibility to insure by contract or agreement; against all risks of direct physical loss or damage except as excluded in the policy. Property includes, but not limited to buildings, fixtures and equipment, computer hardware.

The policy also covers Loss of Rental Income, Extra Expense which might be incurred to conduct or continue business following a loss, as well as costs associated with Business Interruption as a result of the insured location being destroyed or damaged by an insured peril. This coverage is only extended to areas that have been specifically identified for this coverage and not to the entire operations of the University.

What is not Covered (please note this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Personal property of individual, staff, student and a Student Group
  • New buildings or structures during course of construction
  • Boilers and machinery
  • Normal wear & tear
  • Mould & Fungi
  • Terrorism
  • Mysterious disappearance
  • Faulty workmanship
  • Fine arts, permanent collections and rare books (in excess of $1,000 per book)
  • Aircraft, boat, vehicle
  • Crops and live animals
  • Nuclear accident
  • Electroninc data/records


An internal deductible may apply to a loss for a faculty, department or ancillary unit regardless of the amount of the claim. The deductible amount will be determined based on the reason(s) for loss(es) and the security in place for equipment prior to the loss(es).


Please advise the Office of Insurance & Risk Assessment of the following:

  • Name of Department/Faculty
  • Old Location
  • New Location
  • Estimate value of property moved out of the old location
  • Estimate value of property moved in to new location

For University property taken off campus for research purposes please review the Travel, Lodging and Equipment section of the Field Research Office website