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Student Connect will not be taking in-person inquiries, appointments or phone calls until further notice but we are working remotely. See below for common questions and how to access our services.

For up-to-date information and specific actions the University of Alberta is taking in consultation with public health experts, government officials, and other post-secondary institutions, visit the UAlberta COVID-19 website.

Last updated: June, 2020

Changes to Admissions for the Fall 2020 Term

My personal circumstances have changed, and I am not able to start in Fall 2020. What are my options?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Alberta is offering a deferral of admission option for applicants admitted to Fall 2020. If you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from starting this Fall, there may be options to begin your program in January 2021 or apply to defer your admission to Fall 2021, depending on your program.

Your deferral request may be considered if you have:

  • accepted your offer of admission and paid the tuition deposit
  • met all conditions of the offer of admission
  • confirmed that you do not plan to study at another post-secondary institution

To discuss your education plans and how you can get started on your academic journey at the University of Alberta, please contact Student Connect to ensure you can meet the deferral request deadline. All deferral request forms must be received by the first day of classes (August 24, 2020 for Augustana students or September 1, 2020 for most other students). 

My school is closed so I cannot get my transcripts/documents. What do I do?
We appreciate that the cancellation of exams may be a concern for you, as the submission of these final grades is currently a key part of the admission process to the University of Alberta. We want you to know we are committed to ensuring that a disruption like this, which is outside of your control, will not negatively impact your ability to carry on with the steps required for admission to the university. We are working quickly to establish a revised process to accommodate this change and will update this page as soon as we can.
I am an international high school/post-secondary applicant and I have not been able to complete my IELTS or TOEFL exam due to test centre closures. What do I do?

The university will temporarily accept the on-line Duolingo English Test to meet our undergraduate English Language Proficiency requirements for this year.

Minimum Duolingo English Test score required by University of Alberta:

  • 115 for English Language Proficiency
  • 125 for Spoke English Proficiency

Please see the undergraduate international admissions page for further information. Some IELTS or TOEFL exams may be completed online, please check with your regional testing centre.

Do you require/consider the Duolingo subscores for my English Language Proficiency or Spoken English Proficiency evaluation?
For the Fall 2020 application cycle, Duolingo subscores will not be taken into consideration for English Language Proficiency or Spoken English Proficiency evaluations, so you are not required to submit them to us. Only your overall score will be considered.
Do I need to submit my final and official documents through mail?
We currently are still receiving and processing documents received by mail, but your institution can also send transcripts to us at We are only accepting documents submitted by an institution in that account so if you have other documents to provide us for your application, please upload them through Launchpad.
I am supposed to write a qualification exam (i.e., SAT, ) in an area impacted by COVID-19 and the test has been rescheduled. What impact will this have on my application?
The university is discussing alternate options in the event that students are unable to provide final grades by the document deadline for the Fall 2020 intake. Further information will be shared with applicants as it becomes available.


Are university events (Reg 101 workshops, school visits, campus tours, academic advising sessions, etc) still taking place?

All in-person events have been cancelled until June 30, however the University of Alberta is offering a number of virtual events as replacement. Check out Online Events for information on other virtual events happening for prospective high school students and for other upcoming online events.

The University of Alberta is also now offering one-on-one virtual advising sessions for prospective high school students. Chat with an advisor and learn about program options, admission requirements, and the application process. Learn more and book your advising session here.

If I don't want to participate in the virtual Spring Convocation ceremony, can I defer to the next in-person ceremony?
The university is hoping to have an in-person celebration for spring 2020 graduates once it is safe to do so, and we will provide details about that when available. Deferrals to another ceremony will not be accepted at this point.
How can I withdraw from the virtual Spring Convocation ceremony?
Participation in the virtual ceremony on June 12th will be optional. You are not required to withdraw from the ceremony even if you had previously registered to attend convocation. If you choose not to participate, you will still receive your parchment in the mail and your transcript will reflect that your degree was awarded.
Do I update my attendance on Bear Tracks if I want to go to the virtual Spring Convocation ceremony?
No registration will be required. The virtual ceremony will be available for all who wish to participate on June 12th.
Can I still rent apparel for grad photos?
For the safety of staff and those renting the apparel, no apparel rentals will be done at this time. You may contact our apparel supplier Gaspard directly should you wish to rent apparel, but it is not required for the virtual ceremony.
Can I get a refund for my apparel rental?
Gaspards, our supplier for graduation apparel, will process refunds for those students that had already rented apparel for June 2020. This may take a bit of time due to the number of rentals that had been placed. You should receive your refund in early May. You do not need to contact Gaspard to inquire about your refund, these will be processed for all students automatically.
Will there be an opportunity to take pictures in cap and gown at a later date?
Some private photography studios (including SUB Photo and HUB Photo on campus) do graduation photos, and students may explore this option at their own cost.
How can I update my legal name if it is incorrect in Bear Tracks?
Please submit a Name Change form by May 15, 2020. Scan your completed form and supporting documentation and submit electronically via the Student Connect Contact Form. Please note that a guarantor is not required at this time.
How can I get my parchment if there is no ceremony?
Parchments will be mailed to all graduates after they are officially awarded in June and when we are able to do so. We will send your parchment to your address in Bear Tracks. Please ensure that your correct address is listed in Bear Tracks for this purpose.


Do I need a statutory declaration if I was sick and missed an exam or class assignment, or am sick and unable to participate in a class assignment or exam delivered remotely?
No. Please notify your instructor of your absence by email. Statutory declarations are not currently required for missed exams or class assignments related to illness. Please stay home if you are not feeling well and complete the Alberta Health Services Covid-19 Self Assessment if you are showing symptoms.
Can I still register for Fall 2020?
Registration for Fall/Winter 2020/21 began on Monday, March 16 and will carry on as planned. The University of Alberta continues to follow the advice of public health agencies. As decisions are made about the Fall 2020 semester we will provide you with more information at the main UAlberta COVID-19 website.
Now that the courses are all online and/or the gym/library is closed, will I get a partial refund on my fees/tuition/MNIF?

At this time, tuition and non-instructional fees for Winter 2020 will not be refunded. The last date to withdraw from a class and receive a 50% refund of your tuition was February 5, 2020. While the delivery format of courses has changed to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff, professors and support staff are working hard to ensure that students are able to complete their deliverables, achieve their learning goals, and wrap up this semester in the most successful way possible, given the circumstances.

We understand that this global pandemic and the changes to the course and exam delivery may have had a huge impact on yourself, your family, and your studies. If you are in financial need, please review what bursaries and emergency funding options are available on our webpage.

How will Spring/Summer term courses be delivered?
Graduate and undergraduate University of Alberta courses offered in the Spring or Summer terms of 2020 will use remote delivery. However, the move to remote delivery is not possible for all courses. Courses that cannot meet learning outcomes or objectives through remote delivery will be cancelled (e.g. field courses involving international travel).
Will there be any exceptions to remote delivery?
Exceptions to remote delivery can be made by deans if the learning outcomes of a course necessitate in-person delivery, and if delivery of those courses can be adjusted to comply with all relevant university, provincial and federal public health directives.
How will I know if a course is being cancelled?

Deadlines for course cancellations and communicating course exceptions are as follows:

  • Spring 2020 Term: April 17, 2020
  • Summer 2020 Term: June 11, 2020

If a course is cancelled, registered students will be notified through their Bear Tracks account. If an exception has been made to remote delivery of a course, registered students will receive an email directly from their faculty or department.

How will courses be graded?
Grading for the Spring and Summer 2020 terms will follow a typical University of Alberta grading scheme as outlined in the Academic Calendar. Beginning the Spring and Summer 2020 terms through remote delivery, as opposed to an unplanned shift to remote delivery part way through the term (as was the case in Winter 2020), allows us to adjust our course planning for this mode of instruction from the start and supports a return to traditional grading. As is usual practice, the specifics around how you will be assessed will be available to you in the course outline provided by your instructor.
Will I have final exams?

There will not be in-person final examinations and not all courses include a final exam. As is usual practice, the specifics around how you will be assessed will be available to you in the course outline provided by your instructor.

If your course includes a remotely proctored final examination, you will be given more information about what kind of technology is required to write that exam. Supports will be available for students as final examination requirements are clarified by instructors.

What fees will I pay?

Aside from tuition, (undergraduate and graduate), Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees for students enrolled in Spring and Summer 2020 terms will be assessed only for services that students are able to access, including those services that are currently being provided remotely.


  1. Students will not be assessed the Athletic and Recreation Fee or the PAW Centre Fee, as the university athletics facilities and services will be closed in compliance with public health directives.
  2. Students will not be assessed a U-Pass fee for Spring 2020 as transit is currently being offered for free. The status of the U-Pass fee for Summer 2020 is unknown at this time.

See Non-Instructional Fees for more information.

What kind of technology will I need?

We are developing university-wide recommendations that outline suggested minimum standards for student-owned computing technology and internet access for the Spring and Summer 2020 terms that will help support your success within a remote delivery framework. We will share this information on the COVID-19 website in the coming weeks.

In some cases, there may be course-specific technology requirements. Faculties or departments will communicate requirements with registered students no later than 10 business days prior to the start of each term.

How will I get my textbooks and course materials?

With reduced in-person university services, students will not have access to printed teaching materials and course reserves that would normally be held in the libraries or made available for in-person purchase in the bookstore. Instructors have been provided with several options for providing materials in alternative methods.

Students will be able to purchase their course materials online. Free shipping will be included on all orders.

Forms, Transcripts, and Records

How do I request my official transcript?
Official transcripts can only be requested online for mail/courier delivery (in-person pick-up not currently offered).
How do I request confirmations of enrolment/RESP forms/confirmation of interest-free status forms?

For RESP forms, you can download a Verification of Enrollment document from your Bear Tracks account, once you are registered in courses for the Fall and Winter term. For instructions, please visit our website but note will not be able to complete these forms through mail as we are only working remotely.

For other requests, you can submit a scanned copy for completion through the Student Connect Contact Form.

I need a transcript/proof of enrollment with an ink signature or raised seal for immigration purposes, what do I do?
Please submit your detailed request (purpose of your request, what documents you need, how many copies, deadline to submit, etc.) through the Student Connect Contact Form, and we will contact you with additional information/instructions.
How do I request student loan application/registration confirmation forms (Alberta or out of province)?

For Alberta part-time loan application forms: complete all sections, excluding SIN information, your personal mailing address, date of birth, emergency contact section, you (and your partner's signature if applicable) and any section to be completed by Office of the Registrar staff, and send in a scanned copy. Once we fill out the form, we will send it back to you with instructions on how to submit the application, as we are not able to submit it on your behalf.

For all other forms: complete the form with ALL required personal information and signatures, leave any sections to be completed by Office of the Registrar staff blank, and submit a scanned copy through the Student Connect Contact Form. We will fill out our section of the form and submit it on your behalf.

How do I make changes to personal information (citizenship status changes, changes to legal name, etc.)?
Please mail a certified copy of your official documents to the Office of the Registrar. More information can be found on our website. We will temporarily accept change requests without a guarantor while COVID-19 physical distancing measures are in place. If you are unable to mail in your documents, please scan and submit them with a note mentioning that you are unable to mail the documents.
How do I request a degree verification?
Please send your request using the Student Connect Contact Form.

AP, IB or GCE A-Levels Evaluation & Transfer Credits

How will my AP, IB or GCE A-Levels transcripts be processed?
The university will accept an official transcript issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization, College Board and UK Awarding bodies (e.g., Pearson or Cambridge) as equivalent to a final transcript issued in previous years for the purposes of admissions and awarding transfer credit.
Will I receive transfer credit?
There are three ways in which we recognize your achievements in taking an academically rigorous program: Transfer Credit, Advanced Placement, and Credit by Special Assessment. The university will use your official transcript to assess you for transfer credit using our existing process and, if you meet the requirements, the credit will appear in Bear Tracks. Find out more about transfer credit requirements and special assessment.
Should I accept or decline the transfer credit?
Students should consult their faculty advisor and decline credit if they have not achieved the required learning outcomes.